Great seats" Points négatifs : "Window did not darken like the others. Points négatifs : "I can't think of anything to make it better. ", Points négatifs : "L’intégralité du voyage, pas de repas, retard de bagage", Points négatifs : "Need more leg room!!! Qatar Airways propose un vol quotidien Doha/Zanzibar (sans changement d'appareil). Turkish rescheduled but no real help in Istanbul. Le billet d’avion le moins cher trouvé pour cet itinéraire dans les dernières 72 heures est à 214 €. ", Points positifs : "New-ish aircraft" Points négatifs : "The plane was old, the seats were uncomfortable with no adjustable headrest or flaps to hold your head from flopping. More importantly, I felt quite guilty about the greenhouse gas emissions of my flight. ", Points positifs : "Food, seat, entertainment" Points négatifs : "Des choices of movies", Points positifs : "comfortable seats good service" The toothpaste they gave us was so dried out, you couldn’t even break the seal on it. As I am larger than average and find it hard to sleep on flights, the cramped conditions were extremely uncomfortable", Points positifs : "There is simply nothing to like. Seats are not comfortable. Qatar feeds you numerous times throughout the flight and everything is as great as travel today can be. Alors que d’habitude j’ai toujours froid ! ", Points positifs : "The food was good." But hey, great flight", Points positifs : "Service is great, planes were on time or only minimal delay. Atroce ! I took a long time to get accepted by the WiFi in the two lounges. I had a wonderful time in Oman and look forward to returning on Emirates. Points négatifs : "Boarding was late and they change the number of the gate without telling the passengers. The 737-800 needs some improvements!" Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "The cabin crew was very attentive throughout the long flight, offering water and orange juice often. Selon votre itinéraire, choisissez d’atterrir à Kilimandjaro (JRO) si vous avez prévu de séjourner dans le nord du pays et d’y effectuer des safaris, par exemple à Ngorongoro, au Serengeti, au Tarangire ou à Manyara. Oh, and also the crew on this flight was exceptionally kind and helpful. She was good with good english" During the flight, the young male cabin crew spent more time sitting and chatting with other young male passengers and not attending to there duties. Doha is a great airport too. Les dates de voyage ne sont pas toujours figées. Entertainment was good too." Profitez de nos programmes de fidélité Blue Biz & Flying Blue. Points négatifs : "Prompt departure; better food/snacks. Points négatifs : "The service I was given by the crew, the aircraft it’s self etc", Points positifs : "I liked the space you have on the seats the leg room is very good because I am a tall person with some airlines it’s very uncomfortable for me thanks." My own fault, I should have packed my own. During check in we offered to check in carry on luggage, but were told it would be an additional cost! Points négatifs : "Changement de vol à la dernière minute imposé par la companie qui nous a fait voyager séparément avec ma copine dans des conditions peu agréables + on a raté le taxrefund à cause de ça...", Points négatifs : "We had 30 minutes delay", Points positifs : "This Transavia Airlines is not good at all." 2. Vol de Paris vers Tanzanie à petit prix ! Points négatifs : "We took off later than the expected time wäbut we and that‘s not I‘m used to from egyptair but eventually we reached our destination in the mean expected time, also the landing was a bit harsh and we felt it all", Points positifs : "Seat very comfortable and service was excellent" Points négatifs : "1. In Istanbul airport they said your next flight tomorrow at 20pm. Onboard chef was a beautiful touch and food was also delicious. Never again. Points négatifs : "My suitcase wasn’t in the plane. That's was my first and last flight with them. ", Points positifs : "The cabin service was excellent and attentive" Good simple check in." Points négatifs : "I did not enjoy the turbulence, which I suppose is unavoidable. C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi. Points négatifs : "Timely communication sur le status du retard Prendre en considération le long transit de certains passagers et les contraintes d'arriver au milieu de la nuit. ", Points positifs : "Service is awesome. Delay and lost a bag", Points négatifs : "Really I have taken this flight several times and they are always perfect", Points positifs : "The crew was good but the seats werenot comfortable. Points négatifs : "Doha to Lahore flight plane was a bit older than Edinburgh was new and exciting", Points positifs : "Très bonne compagnie aérienne qui soigne le détail." The customers was good and nice" ", Points négatifs : "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna! 14. Seul hic, l’ensemble des autres vols atterrissants à Genève on tous pu atterrir dans la même tranche horaire. Finally took train. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points négatifs : "Peu de nouveaux films", Points positifs : "had a whole row to myself and the food was very good", Points positifs : "another whole row to myself which meant i slept for most of the flight. Points négatifs : "No good movies", Points positifs : "Nothing to like, seats are cramped and worn out." Points négatifs : "Disembarkation took 40 mins due to which most passengers struggled to catch connecting flights. We take carry ons for that reason! Points négatifs : "Food was terrible. Liked politeness of one of the airhost. Points négatifs : "Boarding was chaotic and congested with not much information or order. Il peut délivrer un visa ordinaire de trois mois ou un visa à entrées multiples valable un an. Would not put us on a direct flight. They served delicious meals, snacks, and water. As in Doha have different seating area for different zones and the ground crew should be trained to be firm to allow only passengers with boarding. All meals and snacks were delicious. As I am larger than average and find it hard to sleep on flights, the cramped conditions were extremely uncomfortable", Points positifs : "There is simply nothing to like. Il est possible de faire une demande de e-Visa en ligne sur le site de l’immigration du pays. Great staff on board , very friendly ." Trajets aériens similaires : ORY → DOD, ORY → IRI, ORY → DOD, ORY → DOD, ORY → IRI Relèvement: 142,51° (SE) I occupied seat number 19c business class." ", Points positifs : "They booked for us a hotel in airport due the delay" Points négatifs : "Rien", Points négatifs : "Le vol a été dérouté sur Lyon pour des vents dangereux. Points négatifs : "La classe business sur ce type de vol n’a rien de business si ce n’est d’être à l’avant de la cabine. Points négatifs : "n/a", Points positifs : "The price was great. Flight late from Berlin to Istanbul. Thank you for offering a dietary option that is compassionate toward animals and contributes less to climate change! Points négatifs : "Entertainment options are limited. Points négatifs : "Entertainment Oryx One, lunch quantity aswell. 30% of people are vegetarian", Points négatifs : "The best Airlines ever from every aspects, I’m frequent traveler of Turkish airlines and will be for good. The staff in Turkey was rude and unhelpful and most didn’t understand English properly. Comfort seat is not, comfortable, very tight. Blankets are good as is amenity pack which has all but diasappeared on BA. The seats on all flights were consistently hard and stiff. ", Points négatifs : "No being able to rebook! Points négatifs : "The headphones didn't work", Points négatifs : "1. I showed my alfursan membership to Saudi airline deck and they helped me. Points négatifs : "We realized when boarding to first flight that they did not included my son on next connection flight...oops when it was addressed they fixed it in a professional matter with appologies at boarding. That's ok for me as long as they are not rude or obnoxious." Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. A newer 777 and more comfortable lie-flat seats" Points négatifs : "No comment. ", Points négatifs : "No seats available while waiting to be checked into the gate. Paris - Zanzibar est l’itinéraire le plus populaire avec un temps de vol moyen de 11h 15min. The seats were uncomfortable. The announcement was totally mumbled and badly managed, Why cant the boarding at Cochin be organised like queues for each zone so that the passengers do not crowd in a mad rush near the gate as if the fliht will leave without them. Oman Airline would like for you to purchase additional on the spot airline ticket from them if you don't have one. Points négatifs : "Staff was not particularly warm or attentive. La traversée dure entre 2 h et 3 h et coûte environ 40 TZS (35 EUR). Very thoughtful and much appreciated. Points négatifs : "Food was not up to standards, the inflight entertainment does not offer enough film or TV shows, enough variety or latest films", Points positifs : "Every thing amazing" ", Points positifs : "Je suis allergique à la moutarde et aux à l’avance d’en faire part sur le site d’enregistrement. Billet d'Avion Tanzanie, vols dès 329€ TTC (aller simple) ☀☀ départ Paris ou province. Poor cleanliness", Points positifs : "Fast security queue Quick Boarding Luggage claim was quick" ", Points positifs : "flight wasn't full" ", Points négatifs : "Our two hour connection in Paris became 30 minutes because Air France was late in leaving Washington. Advertising at the beginning of the inflight entertainment became very repetitive when watching short tv shows. La Tanzanie au départ de Paris et Nice Envolez-vous vers la Tanzanie à bord de Qatar Airways vers Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam et le Kilimanjaro . Nothing special. Got food poisoning on Muscat to Paris flight - other than that the food tended to be quite bland. I had to explain several times that crowds are a trigger for my son with autism. Points négatifs : "A child behind me kept kicking the back of the seat all the time and the mother did nothing about it", Points négatifs : "Movies are always the same", Points positifs : "I haven't flown with Qatar for several years, but my memories of an exceptional experience were replicated. ", Points positifs : "Good food" ", Points positifs : "Personel très pro" Points négatifs : "Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. In order to satisfy passport immigration when I got to Dubai I took a phone camera picture of my exit flight info. Points négatifs : "Insufficient leg space, available movie selection", Points positifs : "crew tried to make the best of limited resources." She was good with good english" Le personnel de bord à fait son possible pour nous servir au mieux mais on sentait qu'ils étaient un peu débordé. La Tanzanie fait le bonheur des aventuriers, des amateurs de safari, et des personnes à la recherche de quelque chose de différent, pour leurs vacances. seulement aprèes l'achat on a pu voir que c'était un light fare", Points positifs : "Le service" Missed my connection flight from Muscat due to delay in arrival from Istanbul", Points positifs : "Cheap airfares, direct flights" Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by half an hour. Need to give out more water on flight to combat dehydration as well. ", Points négatifs : "Boarding was very annoying because when you go through security they make you feel like a total criminal for no reason. ", Points positifs : "Qualité toujours au rdv et avion au niveau" the crew was amazing, respectful and seats had adequate leg room. They adjusted the seating arrangements so there was an empty seat in every row to give passengers more space. Vols directs et offres de vols pas chers avec votre comparateur ! Istanbul lounge is great." Sorry, Oman Air, lots of room for improvement. They Redbook flight which was three hours later, so missed our tax home as well. Vol pas cher Tanzanie, bons plans vol sec dernière minute ⇛ Réservez maintenant avec Promovacances ! Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié." Points négatifs : "Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. They said you have extra baggage, I explain them that I payed already to turkish airline. ", Points négatifs : "- Leg Space is challenge", Points positifs : "Fantastic service, very friendly staff who are always happy to help" ", Points positifs : "No complaints about the plane, staff etc and its probably no worse than any other airline" Lots of help that made the experience great!" Zero. I ask about my baggage in turkish airline deck they said don't worry every thing will be okay. Thanks in advance. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points négatifs : "Very bad experience. I’m never travelling", Points négatifs : "My entertainment set didn't work", Points négatifs : "They made us wait for 2 hours out in the open on a winter night. Points négatifs : "Food was terrible. Points négatifs : "Not lots of legroom but adequate for an hour long hop. Pour vous rendre au Parc national de Ruaha, le plus grand parc national de Tanzanie, vous devrez prendre un vol pour Dar es-Salaam. Helpful staff." Points négatifs : "Many things cheaper does mean better. ", Points positifs : "Everything except food" Points négatifs : "The food on all 4 flights was ok. Could have been more interesting recipes and dessert. Points négatifs : "Boarding not good", Points positifs : "The airplane was specious and comfortable and the crew are extremely nice people" I was in 32a to he worst seat on the plane", Points positifs : "Again, food and service in business class were superb. - Emirates France At Cairo airport they should check them to know the reason for this cough and people who were not in Haj can be seated in a separate section in the plane to avoid infection. Points négatifs : "We took off later than the expected time wäbut we and that‘s not I‘m used to from egyptair but eventually we reached our destination in the mean expected time, also the landing was a bit harsh and we felt it all", Points positifs : "Seat very comfortable and service was excellent" ", Points négatifs : "I didn't make the flight, my travel partner was in an accident and the cancellation fees were more than the tickets. They wouldn't let us in the terminal. ", Points positifs : "Crew was amazing. ", Points positifs : "Will definitely fly Turkish Airlines again! Excellent ...", Points positifs : "The food and the entertainment" i didn't even have regular seat assignments. Points négatifs : "Timing", Points positifs : "Staff" Les voyageurs doivent remplir un formulaire de surveillance de la santé à bord de l'avion et le soumettre aux autorités sanitaires à l'arrivée.Les voyageurs et les équipages des compagnies aériennes sont soumis à un examen médical.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLes voyageurs qui sont testés pour le COVID-19 à l'arrivée peuvent être tenus de s'auto-isoler pendant 14 jours. Trouvez les vols les moins chers en quelques secondes, recherchez des destinations sur une carte et inscrivez-vous pour recevoir des alertes de prix sur Google Flights.