Frontosa are mouth brooders, meaning that like all Lake Malawi cichlids the female holds her fish in her mouth. Most seven stripe frontosa, the Cyphotilapia frontosa, have some yellow in them. Fish for Sale. In the Tanganyika aquarium Frontosa are kept with other Lake Tanganyika fish.Keep in mind that because the Frontosa is a piscivore, meaning that they eat fish. it’s not a hybrid but it has been bred in order to bring out that red color. Aquanick. My Favorites Diet: Flake or pellet, frozen and live food. You can layer a sandy bottom in the tank or use a fine substrate. cyphotiliapia frontosa by jerry mayer Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 To: eriko/ re: the articles posted on c. frontosa 1-the frontosa is not a vegitarian-per fryer and iles, cichlids of the great rift lakes of africa, the dentition of the species is not that of a algea eating rock scraper-in fact they consume shrimp, mollusks and small fish. The Frontosa is one of the biggest African cichlids that is kept in the Hobby. Zaire types which includes Kitumba, moba, kapampa, kalumba, tembwe are gibberosa. The genus name is a combination of the Ancient Greek "cypho-", meaning "curved", and tilapia, which means "fish" in a local dialect. This last one is the only one that will thrive in our water parameters. Search    You can find them between 65 to 100 feet deep The Cyphotilapia gibberosa blue Zaïre, the one from the Congo, has been reported at 200 feet deep.  Apps     Information; This Domain is Currently for sale at WYSIWYG The Frontosa + Malawi aquarium is the most popular aquarium amongst aquarists. You can put artificial plants or anubias plants which are natural plants in your aquarium. This one I just mentioned is black and white and they also have a little bit of brassy tint in the dorsal fin. is usually $36.99. Blue, to black and yellow, the dominant males will also be a lot darker than the dominated oneS. how much should i look for? When your fish are big enough that they’re going to need a bigger aquarium you don’t know where you’re going to be in life. 30 sept. 2020 - Explorez le tableau « Poisson » de ⚪Amine Mastor⚪, auquel 2113 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. There are two holes on each fish. Mix the Frontosa in with other malawi Haps and Aulonocara or peacocks. If your female is holding do not isolate her. Even though in the wild they do not live among the plants, it’s still nice to have THEM in the aquarium especially for us as a decoration and it doesn’t hurt the fish. Dainichi Cichlid XL Pro Sinking Fish Food. Selling - frontosa male approx 15cm -$120 Dragon blood male approx 8cm -$15 blue dolphin male 10-12cm $35 Kribensis female 5cm -$10 Eureka red male approx 10cm -$20 SOLD Red fin kadango more than 10cm $25 SOLD Red fin kadango unsexed 5cm -$10 SOLD Sunshine benga 5cm $10 SOLD Pick up only panania Take the lot for $185. 3.5 out of … I actually found more people complain about the aggression issue with Mpimbwe (a Tanz. I have 50 babies males and femalefrom $2.5 to 5$ eachhave (3) three large frontosa for sale around 6inch 45$ each J'ai (3) trois frontosa a vendre - environ 12... 5 In my breeding aquarium I set up two caves contraptions one at each side of the aquarium. about Frontosa without talking about the hump. Although they eat fish they are very bad and slow hunters. At dusk when the Cyprichromis go down to rest that’s when the Frontosa feast because they’re a lot slower and have come in their house. I am aware that many aquarists have had success with smaller than schools of five. Frontosa Blue Zaire X 2 paired . Rare Fish It can be difficult since these fish need massive tanks to thrive in. You want to give the fish all their chances. 2 to 8. Even though it works it’s not ideal and my suggestions are how to create the ideal african cichlid tank. This fish’s most prominent characteristic is its role or its forehead especially the hump on it which is an extension of their dorsal muscles You can’t talk. Their main source of food is another fish that is very popular in the hobby it’s the Cyprichromis. Compatibility: Lake Tanganyikan cichlids. It can attain a length of about 14 inches. These fish are 1.25+” and from high quality stock. Small means 125 gallons or more. Only the best Moba frontosa specimens are for sale here at Freshwater Fish it needs at least 125gal. You know what they say – the early bird gets the worm, especially if the bird is too slow to hunt during the day. african-cichlids cichlids stocking. Spawning pond should be large in capacity – 400 liters and more, with rocks and covers for the male to find a territory. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème poisson, aquarium poisson, poisson exotique. It comes with age and strength, so be patient if your fish didn’t develop it yet. If you want fish for smaller aquariums check out the mbuna and the Aulonocara, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Introduction to Fishyfriendsonline and the Tropical Fish Aquarium, Click here for aqauriums and accessories on Ebay. I can combine postage from Goole . He will not fight for his spot but the others don’t try to take it from him. Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) also known as humphead cichlid is a typical member of the Cichlidae family. Ordering That’s literally how we recognize this fish with their forehead so we’ve got it pretty easy. Pelmatochromis frontosus (Boulenger, 1906) Cyphotilapia frontosa, also called the front cichlid and frontosa, is an east African species of fish endemic to Lake Tanganyika. Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred. In the aquarium feed your Frontosa carnivore pellets in the morning and omnivore or carnivore flakes at night. it is found throughout the lake. I loved these guys...sadly I had to part ways. please don’t notice I only have five fish in my breeding colony, do as I say not as I do this is the best aquarium for breeding because they don’t have any other fish bothering them. 4, GH 300 ppm and up KH 240 ppm temperature 79 degrees. Pets & Animals. The one towards the top is the anus. $10. About     New Arrivals SEE BELOW. 14 DAY GUARANTEE Arrive alive and Stay alive for 14 days Learn More Common Name: Six Stripe Frontosa. Don’t bother trying to feed them feeder fish they are bad hunters and will just end up living alongside the feeder fish if they can adapt to the pH. Cichlids / Africa / Lake Tanganyika / Frontosa Profile: Frontosa Cyphotilapia frontosa Synonyms: Paratilapia frontosa, Pelmatochromis frontosus Physical description: A high-back cichlid that develops a large hump on the forehead.The fins are elongated and come to a point at their ends. The frontosa’s hump can take years to grow. this fish is endemic to Lake Tanganyika meaning that it can only be found in this Lake. answer #2. Delivery     During this time don’t worry though; she’s made for this. The frontosa cichlid can live for 20 years, and your best bet is a 200-gallon tank for the long-term. Cool Fish For up to five weeks she will not eat. (Kapampa, Moba or Kitumba) Im having a tough time finding any of these locally and … it is not found in the wild and can be a little bit more aggressive than its blue yellow and black counterparts. For the temperature stability is key. With age the fins become long and string and they go up to his tail this means that they’re not compatible with algae grazing cichlids, such as Mbunas, that will eat those fins up. The cheapest offer starts at $ 5. The Frontosa live in the deep waters of Lake Tanganyika. Scientific Name: Cyphotilapia frontosa. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. pH: 7.5-8.6. I hope you’re not too picky on how you like your substrate because they are and they will move it around to their liking. However, frontosa can also spawn in a community tank. Frontosa breed a lot later in life, meaning that they’re usually already pretty big if you put a big fish in a in a small breathing box the lack of water circulation and of movement can be very dangerous for their health. Shipping     Ordering     The dominant male and his harem will stay on one side. Eventually when they separated the genus into more species then came the gibberosa and the SP North. The first part of the word “front” in French is “front” (said with french accent), which actually means forehead. Premium Fish, Free Lake Tanganyika water parameters are very different from those of our local tap sources. Fish ! The body coloration is bright white with five or six, depending on the morph, broad black bands. DryGoods, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING In the photos below we can see pictures of confirmed male and female frontosa. frontosa. My dominant male Frontosa stays in his spot. Certain exceptions apply for the Labidochromis caeruleus or the Pseudotropheus acei, which are pretty relaxed Mbunas but for the most part just steer clear. Zaire and 7 stripe are totally different types of frontosa. This strain of frontosa is one of the most beautiful among the frontosa/gibberosa group. On the contrary to Malawi cichlids who do a dance in circles Frontosa as I said earlier, are a colony fish. Frontosa Blue Zaire X 2. x5 frontosa all over 5 inchx1 frontosa black widow 1 inchx3 frontosa 2-3 inchcollection only ws8 area #1. frontosa in Good used condition. Featured Today There are three species in this genus there’s a Cyphotilapia Frontosa, Cyphotilapia gibberosa and the Cyphotilapia sp North. Last Group Available of 10 Total F0 Wild Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kantalamba Tanzania variant is Available for Sale. Frontosa Cichlids live in the deep water down among the piles rocks in Lake Tanganyika in East Africa where the female Frontosa Cichlids mouth brood their eggs and young fry. Mobile     For substrate use pH augmenting substrate. De Salaberry-de-Valleyfield ( … Poissons Frontosa à vendre 3/4 po à 1 1/2 pouces environ Minis 3/4 pouces : 8$ ch Petit 1 pouce : 10$ ch Petit 1pouce et demi: 15$ ch Je peux faire un prix pour plusieurs! Keep them in schools of five or more in order to see their natural behavior. Parramatta, New … It’s so easy to remember and to say especially for us French speakers. If you have a small tank and figure you’re going to buy juvies and maybe eventually you’re going to buy a bigger aquarium see where it goes. I have gotten some recently and showcase them. These fish grow large and require a large tank, but they are among the most peaceful cichlids. Region of Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa. It is the same as buying a baby dog and getting rid of it when it gets too big because you thought you’d have a bigger apartment by then. See photos & item specifics. Buy 6 and Save You’re better off buying this fish when you’re sure that you’re able to offer them a nice big home. the colors will vary depending on where they from they vary from. The pH can also be kept up with aragonite sands and crushed coral. It reminds him of a simpler time on top of being a great addition to their diet. Another frontosa we see is the red frontosa or the copper band frontosa, of its other name. We are also the only store that has a constant breeding colony, meaning that I’m the only one who constantly has Blue Zaïre Frontosa for sale which let’s face it it’s pretty good for business. Store As of December 7, 2020, we have in stock some very nice F-1 Moba bred in the USA. Sort by . In the Frontosa aquarium you will keep a school of five or more Frontosa and that’s it. On the other side I have a dominated male who stays there. Because they’re not territorial they might miss out on nice caves. Frontosa "R" Us - Somers, Connecticut 06071 - Rated 4.9 based on 29 Reviews "I purchased 10 blue Zaire fry from Ken and was very satisfied. It’s also nice is that when we moved into this store in 2011 all the breeding came in the same spot as the store so to our clients who asked kindly enough we can bring them to the back and show them our breeding colony so they see the parents of their fish Cyphotilapiais the genus name of the Frontosa, an african cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. Do not keep them with Malawi mbuna, which can be very aggressive. Today we will be talking about the Frontosa. In a tank with mature Frontosa, the hump of the dominant male will be a lot bigger than the dominated males and the female but don’t be fooled. Not just any frontosa, I want to get one of the Zaire species. A giant fish, the Frontosa is okay in a small aquarium. Generally fronts dont eat eggs but they will fight and defend there babies. Contrary to the Malawi cichlids Frontosa don’t dance to breed and they do not defend a territory when the time comes. Beginner's Fish, Baby Fish Buyer Only Pays for Only 9 Total Wild Frontosa Kantalamba Buyer Will Receive 1 Extra Female for Free as my Gift Buyer will receive 10 Total Wild Frontosa Kantalamba Size: 4.5” to 8”+ inches Ratio:2M:8F One Female was Holding Eggs when I moved this group to another tank. Wild Stock. Most Popular i want to get money for him since i have raised him for about 2 years. Hi there, I have just finished set and cycling my 5 120 gallon tank and I want to stock it with some Frontosa. When a frontosa is mature sometimes you’ll see all the cichlids have one color, but the dominant male wILL sport another, usually a darker color I’ve already seen some Cyphotilapia sp.North Burundis that are completely black;they were amazing. You keep the fish in a little longer and that might stunt their growth. I know many aquarists who have kept Frontosa in a 90 gallon aquarium but I do not recommend it. African frontosa, 1264892973 . Just let them swim around in the aquarium and the parents will protect their Fry, well most of them at least. FREE SHIPPING Mass Market Paperback Currently unavailable. The fry will also hide in the artificial plant and will come out when they’re big enough. Cyphotilapia Frontosa, 6 stripe, Brundi, Unsexed, Farm RaisedTemperament: Territorial, but generally not aggressive. This is a line bred variety of the Cyphotilapia sp North Burundi. F.A.Q. Sometimes if they’re scared or surprised they’ll even go swim with him and he doesn’t really mind if his females come to stick next to him. Home • Forum • Login • Register: FAQ • It is currently Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:31 am: Home » Forum. Search. Our Blog Temperature: 70-82°. This means that we have to adjust our water accordingly using products found at your local fish store. Initially only the first species was described so they thought that all Cyphotilapia were Cyphotilapia Frontosa. Kigoma or usually named as 7-stripe frontosa is the true frontosa. They will then wake up at dawn to feed before they go up and start swimming around again. Despite these new names the name Frontosa stuck, meaning that it became the common name for this fish. Once a week feed them frozen Krill or Mysisas they ate when they were juveniles. Aquarium Info, Search Site Info Your Frontosa are going to be with you for a long time so make sure you give them a good home and a lot of love. The male Frontosa can grow up to 15 inches in length, the females will stay a lot smaller between 8 and 10 inches in length. A distinct feature of the fish is the hump on its head, which is present in both sexes and grows bigger as the fish matures. They might dig them up so make sure that your plants are well tied to some rocks if you want to keep them. The Frontosa + Malawi aquarium is the most popular aquarium amongst aquarists. F-1 tank raised Stock. The hump is a large fatty deposit that rests atop a dorsal muscle that tends to extend forward. Frontosa are characterized by a white (or blue) body, adorned with either 6 or 7 black, vertical bars. Mix the Frontosa in with other malawi Haps and Aulonocara or peacocks. About Our Fish One should be patient enough to make frontosa breed, since the fish becomes reproductive only at the age of 3. is dedicated to the discussion and husbandry of African Cichlids especially the Frontosa/Gibberosa species. So the blue Zaïre, Zaïre is the old name for the Democratic Republic of Congo, those are usually, well they’re black and white but with like a blue overlay. The colony will always swim around the dominant male. Newsletter Hello I'm keeping African cichlids already but my question is are frontosa's easy to keep, or in the middle or hard. Huge variations can cause a lot of illness and fish such as the ich. Explore 35 listings for Frontosa for sale at best prices. Like sharks, these fish also have dorsal fins peaking above their top, although of course not as prominently placed. Their colors are a great addition to the aquarium due to their shy nature Frontosa don’t necessarily come out of their hiding spots and they’re pretty laid-back when we add peacocks and HAP’s.