We’ve done pretty significant analysis around Scandinavia, where [paid streaming] has close to 45% penetration across the markets. Denis Ladegaillerie, le fondateur de la maison de disques numérique Believe prédit la disparition du marché du CD physique d’ici deux à trois ans. The company was founded in 2005 by Denis Ladegaillerie, Arnaud Chiaramonti and Nicolas Laclias. Denis Ladegaillerie (Believe): Comment l'industrie musicale fait face à la crise du coronavirus ? Yes, absolutely. BELIEVE Fiche entreprise : chiffres d'affaires, bilan et résultat. For Believe – and the entirety of the UK independent industry – to reach its optimum level, suggests Ladegaillerie, the British market should take a leaf out of its European neighbours’ book, and stop rushing to break global superstars. D'ailleurs, on reprend fort avec cette interview de Denis Ladegaillerie - PDG de Believe par Sylvie K et moi-même. Interview. In 2005, he returned to France and founded Believe, which is today a leading global digital music distribution and service provider for independent artists and labels with more than 1,200 employees in 44 countries. If you let us know who you are, and what you're about, we'll know how we can help. Avec 4 à 6 % du marché des droits musicaux, elle se place derrière les trois principales majors musicales. Denis LADEGAILLERIE est Président de la société BELIEVE située 24 RUE TOULOUSE LAUTREC 75017 PARIS 17 au capital : 401 800 €. (22 personnes, CA: 9423200 €). Mr. Ladegaillerie was previously employed as Chief Financial & Strategic Officer by Vivendi Universal Entertainment LLP. Before founding Believe in December 2004, he managed the internet and new media activities for Vivendi Universal in the United States as Chief Strategic and Financial Officer. We discuss Believe's growth over the past eight years. But we are now in a world where those successes are harder to replicate, and you certainly cannot rely on them to keep a market strong. We’ve had these conversations on the board of Believe: Do we go into the ‘stupid deal’ business? And, you know what? Concentrate on your own market first, suggests the exec, before cranking up your ambitions. Considering that Believe’s average annual growth in the past three years has been 40%, you’d have expected its turnover to hit somewhere near $1 billion in 2020… before you-know-what kept us all indoors. At Believe, Denis Ladegaillerie has 9 colleagues who can be contacted including Isabelle Andres (COO), Xavier Robert (M&A)… Industry Colleagues. Sony and Universal have perfectly understood this; Sony with The Orchard, and then Universal with Spinnup and with the acquisition and rebuilding of Ingrooves. Believe Digital, a digital distributor and services provider for independent artists and labels, was founded in December 2005 by Denis Ladegaillerie. Et pourtant, je mettrai ma main à couper que vous avez, tous eu de loin une relation avec Denis Ladegaillerie . Denis Ladegaillerie – Cofondateur de Believe Si vous n’êtes pas des passionnés de musique, à la pointe du secteur, il y a moyen que le nom du nouvel invité de GDIY ne vous dise rien. In 2005, having returned to Paris, he founded distribution and label/artist services provider Believe which is, with no hyperbole required, simply one of the biggest companies operating in recorded music today. At MIDEM 2014 I chat with Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO at Believe Digital. La société est fondée en 2005 par Denis Ladegaillerie, Arnaud Chiaramonti et Nicolas Laclias. DENIS LADEGAILLERIE Founder & CEO, Believe Group Denis Ladegaillerie is the Founder and CEO of Believe Group, created in 2005. So when you want to raise money, you can’t, because investors [are looking for you] to demonstrate that shareholder value. The management at these major companies must be starting to realize that this [level of frontline A&R spend] is not something that is sustainable in the long term. – over the following 12 months, one in a million artists will become a global star. And my view has always been no, because as soon as you enter the stupid deal business, you risk all of your deals becoming stupid. “We are looking for partners who could help us finance a big acquisition.” Founded in 2005, Believe’s last financial year reportedly saw a turnover of ‘over €400m’ ($493m), according to Challenges. What are your thoughts? If you have a strong digital culture and if you are passionate about music, Believe is the perfect place for you. Eric LASSEIGNE fait partie du réseau de Denis LADEGAILLERIE il est Commissaire aux comptes titulaire dans l'entreprise J.D.M.. 4 Mandats. And then, when you are big in your own market, generating a lot of [domestic] money, you can start thinking about expanding globally and reinvesting your cash flow [into marketing and touring more abroad]. A senior record industry executive recently suggested to me that he thought the UK industry didn’t move fast enough in terms of its artist signing frequency. A la baguette : Denis Ladegaillerie. Pame. 891 executive movements have been recorded in the last 12 months. En 2019, Believe rachète Entco, spécialiste de la production d'événements en direct à Mumbai, et rebaptise la société « Believe Entertainment » [14]. Afficher le téléphone. But [in terms of acquisitions] in the UK, there’s simply no big targets available, unlike in Germany, where you have a Groove Attack [acquired by Believe in 2018], or a Nuclear Blast [also acquired by Believe in 2018], both turning over tens of millions of Euros. The UK is a market where major record labels have been able to retain more power than in other markets, and, to some extent, the indie scene is a little bit less powerful than it is in some other countries. This means that the opportunity for UK artists in the UK market is limited. Entretien avec son CEO Denis Ladegaillerie. TILEYARD ROAD KINGS CROSS LONDON N79AH, Trigger warning: major record labels might not completely love it…. So I simply don’t see how, as a distributor, you can justify giving away one of the key elements of the value you’re bringing to the ecosystem, by getting disassociated from [negotiating with] the technology platforms. Same platform but with new and improved features. The CEO of Believe, Denis Ladegaillerie (pictured inset), has agreed to pen a series of dispatches, exclusively for MBW, giving insights into what’s happening to the industry during the global COVID-19 pandemic – offering specific advice for artists and managers. In most territories, we tend to be in the last round of discussions [to sign] top artists. So there’s absolutely zero evidence that YouTube is cannibalizing paid streaming. Allowing an erudite Frenchman, for example, to smartly point out the flaws and foibles of Britain, with scalpel-like precision, in the nation’s very own media. And why, long term, deal-making must be reunited with distribution. Denis indique 4 postes sur son profil. Entretien avec son CEO Denis Ladegaillerie. I have had similar discussions with Jeremy [Sirota, Merlin CEO] on this; I have always been very transparent on this subject. Obviously I’ve always been a great admirer of Beggars and XL; Martin Mills has always been very focused. How important is the UK to Believe, generally speaking? Fiche de l'entreprise. There, he managed the restructuring and development of the first digital music service (eMusic), the first music social networking site (MP3.com), the leading mobile media distributor (Moviso / Infospace Mobile), as well as Rollingstone.com. DENIS LADEGAILLERIE président du Snep. Our focus right now is really on companies that have successfully built services for UK artists with similar values to our own – fairness, transparency and expertise. And are they starting to understand that? www.vbprofiles.com is now www.topionetworks.com. In the UK, besides Beggars/XL, which has built to some scale, not a lot of [independent companies] are creating a challenge [to the majors]. Major lable spending is obviously a challenge to the independent sector, but is the global ambition of the average UK artist, that mentality, also a challenge? L'effectif de cette société est de 250 et … In France and Germany, for example, you have a very powerful indie scene in hip-hop, which has led to the build up of a few large management companies and other large local players, all growing artists independently while [avoiding] the major record label system. Denis Ladegaillerie, Believe CEO, on what his company has done during COVID lockdown – and why The post ‘Ultimately our people, our human capital, is the most important asset of our business, and we need to take care of it.’ appeared first … The company was founded in 2005 by Denis Ladegaillerie, Arnaud Chiaramonti and Nicolas Laclias. TuneCore is a great pipeline of sourcing artists for us. Denis Ladegaillerie. Interviewé début octobre 2020, le PDG Denis Ladegaillerie annonce que Believe table sur une augmentation de 25 … We look forward to providing you with even more cutting-edge market research, as Topio Networks. Denis LADEGAILLERIE évolue dans le secteur : Enregistrement sonore et édition musicale (Code APE 5920Z). But not every artist is Ed Sheeran. Before founding Believe in December 2004, he managed the internet and new media activities for Vivendi Universal in the United States as Chief Strategic and Financial Officer. ‎Afficher Génération Do It Yourself, ép #135 - Denis Ladegaillerie - Believe - L’homme qui distribue les plus gros succès du hit-parade - 13 juin 2020 Watch Believe’s Founder & President Denis Ladegaillerie Speak at UbiQ Paris 2012 November 9, 2012 Believe News , Uncategorized UbiQ’s annual ‘Digital Entertainment Showcase’ held in Paris aims to spotlight the best of digital entertainment content creation, applications, solutions and strategy innovations , in TV, Music, Games and Apps. Denis LADEGAILLERIE. lfvncl. Our team in the UK is about slightly under 40 people, and the UK weighs between five and 10% of our global [revenues]. Tech & Co is to see or listen to from Monday to Thursday on BFM Business. Our business is connecting great artists and creatives. In the Music industry, Denis Ladegaillerie has 2,142 colleagues in 127 companies located in 22 countries. So if you’re just negotiating [like Merlin] and you aren’t also the distributor actually providing the content, it’s very difficult for you to achieve the same results. With in-house IT developers, digital marketing expertise, finance, client services, and much more, all skills are needed and welcome. Five or six years ago, when YouTube started building up, a lot of people in that world were doing minimum guarantee deals, paying big advances to secure YouTube creators. So that’s 50% of the revenues coming from YouTube for the music industry. active Company address: BELIEVE … At Believe, Denis Ladegaillerie has 11 colleagues who can be contacted including Isabelle Andres (COO), Carsten Stahlke (CFO)… Industry Colleagues. 75017 PARIS 17. Do you anticipate that level of spend at majors in the UK will come down? At the end of the day, you then don’t have the right economics to build shareholder value. Because if Believe was competing [for artist deals] on quality of service only – versus quality of service plus stupid cash – we would probably not just be growing by 40% a year, we would be growing by 60% or 70%. Overview. Connaïtre la solvabilité de cette entreprise ? Mr. Denis Ladegaillerie is Chairman at Believe SAS and a Member at The New York Bar Foundation. Last year, across Europe, including the UK, we passed on €70 million of advances in those deals. That is then generating more cash flow, which is generating more profitability – which they are re-investing [in A&R]. Denis Ladegaillerie on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more... Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events The CEO of Believe, Denis Ladegaillerie (pictured inset), has agreed to pen a series of dispatches, exclusively for MBW, giving insights into what’s happening to the industry during the global COVID-19 pandemic – offering specific advice for artists and managers. Warner going public is a good development for that, because it means you are going to have investors that start paying attention, and asking the difficult question: ‘What are the economics of frontline deals – and what are the long term margins of these deals as they evolve?’ The fact that Tencent has invested in Universal [will create] the same situation; a new shareholder really paying attention. And that, in the wake of Adele’s success, there’s this mentality of channelling all of a label’s resources towards a ‘priority’ new signing.. and then often seeing them fail to match up to those expectations. I believe it is super important to have independent distributors serving independent artists and independent labels. It’s probably going to take another 12/18/24 months for the situation to become normalized, because major record labels will not be able to sustain their current valuations on their current economics. Believe is a leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels worldwide. Thank you for accessing our content on the Topio Networks Market Intelligence Center. And when we analyzed the performance of those deals afterwards, we believe 99% of them lost money. Believe | 60,877 followers on LinkedIn. This is why having a service model that can adapt to every tier of artists is super important, because the new music industry is about amateur artists building up slowly, then becoming middle class artists, and then, over a 12/18/24 month period, moving into that [realm] of top local artists, and then – only then! If you have a strong digital culture and if you are passionate about music, Believe is the perfect place for you. Five to ten years ago, indie music distribution was not structured enough and was not powerful enough to sit at the top table with YouTube, with Spotify, and extract optimum value. This is my view: Did Merlin bring value to the music industry in the UK, and globally, in the early stages? My own conclusion is that ad-supported is the best way to monetize music video at this point; people just are not willing to pay for an ‘online MTV’ like they did on cable. En avril 2015 elle rachète la société américaine TuneCore, qui gérait le catalogue numérique d'artistes indépendants le plus important au monde2. Yes. Acheter la fiche complète . It wouldn’t wash, right? 862 executive movements have been recorded in the last 12 months. Fondé en 2005 par Denis Ladegaillerie, la société Believe s’est spécialisée dans la distribution digitale d’artistes indépendants. Le Backstage Believe permet de gérer et promouvoir de manière intelligente tout votre catalogue. Users who liked this track Julio Nomenjanahary. With over 1,200 employees, last year Believe – the owner of TuneCore, plus home to labels like All Points, Naïve and Nuclear Blast – realized around $700m in digital revenues, putting it firmly in the ‘mini major’ set of companies alongside BMG (FY2019 revenues: $674m) and Kobalt (FY2019 collections: $616m). Before founding Believe in December 2004, he managed the internet and new media activities for Vivendi Universal in the United States as Chief Strategic and Financial Officer. You can only believe there’s a value gap if you also think that YouTube is cannibalising paid subscription. Careers at Believe. Pop Up Toy Surprise Pals Tayo The Little Bus Disney Cars English Learn Numbers Colors YouTube. Because Merlin has exceeded what should have been its normal lifetime. The world is changing. Behind the scenes, some major label execs speak of their concerns about overspending on artist deals. The first is official music video. Why? Oh, and he kindly asks for a reduction in “stupid deals”…. In the UK, you have a system that still favours the development of artists through major record companies. I’m not sure that [either company] is looking for partners yet, but they are conversations we’d love to have. I’m not sure Warner has fully understood it yet. An article at the time say that "Believe is a new digital label, founded by music and internet professionals, to allow independent artists and labels to distribute and promote their works on legal download platforms in France and abroad". Pandemi nedeniyle bu yıl dijital olarak yapılan MIDEM’de Music Business Weekly Editörü Tim Ingham ile söyleşi yapan Ladegaillerie geçtiğimiz on yılın stremingin yükselişiyle belirlendiğini ama gelecek on yılın manşete çıkan haberinin bağımsız yerel sanatçılar olacağını söyledi. Avant de lancer Believe, cet ancien avocat d'affaires a fait ses gammes pendant plusieurs années aux Etats-Unis dans le Vivendi de l'ère Messier en tant que directeur stratégique et financier des activités de musique en ligne début 2000. Thank you for your continued support. Yet [simultaneously] YouTube has kept growing in both viewership and in monetization in a way that’s very consistent with what we’re seeing in other markets. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Services d'éducation, formation et divertissement à savoir programmes de musiques et de télévision; publications électroniques de livres, de fichiers musicaux et de European digital music distributor based in Paris, France, and French counterpart of Believe Digital in UK. – and that is super difficult to do. En coulisses, Believe s’est discrètement taillé une carrure de leader mondial. But now technology allows you to nurture and build relationships with many more artists at the proper level, and that’s something you must leverage in your A&R. Quelques artistes auto-produits leurs confient également des droits d'exploitation : c'est le cas par exemple de MC Solaar, Youssoupha ou encore Grand Corps M… Chaque jour, Emmanuel Duteil reçoit une personnalité qui fait l'actualité économique. When I hear [major labels] saying, ‘We don’t want to be a company that signs a lot of artists – we just want to sign the right ones,’ to me that’s a huge red flag, because you need to be in both models. Entretien avec Denis Ladegaillerie, PDG… Lire la suite Denis Ladegaillerie, président-fondateur de Believe et président du Snep (Syndicat national de l'édition phonographique), est l'invité du Buzz Média Orange-Le Figaro. BFM Business. I wish there had been some private equity in that [Universal/Tencent] round to bring even more rational [thinking] to how Universal approaches the market. Ultimately, these things always go back to normal. ‎Show Génération Do It Yourself, Ep #135 - Denis Ladegaillerie - Believe - L’homme qui distribue les plus gros succès du hit-parade - 13 Jun 2020 Brits would be on the phone to OFCOM and God-Save-The-Queening before they’d finished their first pithy observation. BELIEVE DIRECT LIMITED (06864987) Company status Active Correspondence address 24 Rue Toulouse Lautrec, Paris, 75017, France.